My Swim Cap Features

Designed to keep water out and hair dry
My Swim Cap is specifically designed to protect your hair from the brutal effects of chlorine and salt water. It's strategically placed fastening tabs seal the seepage points behind the ears and along the back of the neck, and prevent the cap from riding up or popping off when in use.
My Swim Cap's patented design keeps water out and the cap in place by focusing the pressure only where it is needed - eliminating the need for an uncomfortably tight fit all over.
Stays On in All Conditions
My Swim Cap's patented fastening mechanism means it will stay on even in the roughest waters.
My Swim Cap is made of a durable rubber - making it more tear-resistant than latex and silicone swimming caps.
Accommodates all lengths and hair types

Swim Cap is offered in a variety of sizes so it is able to accommodate most lengths and types of hair, including extensions, braids and locs.

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February 20, 2017

Swimming HairThe dog days of summer are fast approaching and with them come the adventures of cooling off in local and private swimming pools. While many pool owners are beginning to make the transition to salt water and other chlorine-free pools, the vast majority of pools are still kept clean and sanitized by harsh chemical mixes. These chemicals, especially chlorine, can wreak havoc on skin, hair and swimming apparel.

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