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Welcome to #MyWayWomen for women seeking inspiration and information. My name is Kary, owner of My Swim Stuff, and I want to use this forum to allow women to share, learn, inspire, create, inform and connect. So, let’s start a discussion!

My Swim Stuff has over 12,000 women subscribed to its email list. In addition, we get hundreds of visitors everyday. So, if you have an opinion, advice, question or information to share, please comment – you may be helping many women with what you know.

See an article you think our visitors may like, send us a link. Have a new product you are obsessed with, let us know. Know an extraordinary woman, doing remarkable things – in her community, in her job or even with her style– share! Can’t wait to see what women who like to do things their way are doing, saying and thinking.

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