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Your hair will never touch chlorine again!!!! I first bought the Diva swim cap more than 5 years ago after buying many other swim caps. I can now swim under water and my hair remains dry. You will absolutely love this product.  It's worth the money. Believe me I am cheap but this is well worth it!!! Mary Jane B., Brooklyn, NY

I love this cap! It's stylish and durable. I'm on my second one and plan to get more very soon. When I take the care to pin my hair all the way around my head, my hair gets no water exposure. Excellent! A. D. Fosteron

I purchased 2 of these caps - one for me and one for my 6 year old daughter - we both LOVE them! First, they look adorable on. Also - they STAY ON and keep our hair DRY underneath! What a concept! I think I want more in different colors to match our suitsDinaon

Best Swim Cap Ever!! Perfect!! My girls love it. It really does keep your hair dry. It works so well I am going to order one for myself. Latonya W., Newport News, VA

I love, love, love your caps. Thanks for making such a great product. I've ordered 2 caps for myself and 2 for friends.  We all love them. I want another one for "just in case"! Best cap EVER!!!!!  Valerie S., Oak Park, CA

My Swim Cap keeps my hair dry and protects my red hair color from fading. I won't go in the pool without it!  Kathleen K., Vienna, VA

I was told that it is impossible to find a swim cap that keeps the hair dry.  I tried everything! [But now,] no more emergency hair appointments, no more planned swims!  I can dive in my backyard pool anytime I want! Thanks so much for creating this swim cap just for me.  I can't say enough about it and swimming has become my new form of exercise now.  Tanya P., Houston TX

I enjoy my Diva Swim Caps. They cover my long braids and keep the braids dry.  I have two caps one for home and the other for travel.  Thank you for an excellent product.  Melanee N., Los Angeles, CA

Women have come up to me at the pool and have asked me where I got the cap and I have referred them to you. I love the cap. I think you are on to revolutionizing headgear for swimming.  Nancy H., New York, NY

My Swim Cap does exactly what it's suppose to do.  It keeps my ears covered and my hair dry. I discovered this wonderful cap at a hair convention in Atlanta.  It was the greatest discovery ever. I am so happy I found this product.  Sabrina F., Los Angeles, CA

At first it was hard to believe because I've never owned a swim cap that actually kept hair dry.  I'm getting ready to order a second one for my daughter.  This is an amazing Cap!  LaDonna, Charlotte, N.C.

After swimming and the steam room, I removed the cap. My hairstyle was intact, just damp. A quick blow-dry and brush, it was still perfect. I strongly recommend.  Sandra L.

[My Swim Cap] worked very well with my hair - long below shoulder length. I was able to swim for over an hour and left the pool with my hair dry and ready to go to my next event. By far, the best swim cap I've purchased!  Shanna M., Fairburn, GA

I just love "My Swim Cap!" This is my third one!!! I have tried all types of caps and they were all too tight! I would leave the pool with a headache and a ring around my head from tight fitting bans. No more pain since I have been wearing "My Swim Cap!" This cap is perfect if you have a slightly larger head and long hair! Regina B., Atlanta, GA

Love your product!!!  Caren B., Northbrook, IL

I love [My Swim Cap]. I use it for both snorkeling and swimming.  Jennifer D., San Ramon, CA

It is the best cap I ever had!  Susan E., San Francisco CA 

I spent so much money on trying to find one cap that fit my hair. I finally found yours and thank goodness. I was teaching free swim lessons…and really needed it badly. This cap literally enabled me to do my job unhindered.  Monique D., North Carolina

My Swim Cap is my ‘go to’ cap. I learned to swim several months ago at the age of 60. One reason (excuse) I used for years was because as a professional women, I could not afford to ruin a hair style often enough to learn. Thanks My Swim Cap for helping me achieve my ‘dream deferred.’  Cheryl P., Indianola, MS

I live in North Pole, Alaska.  I enjoy attending deep water aquacise classes during our long, dark, cold winters. Having wet hair afterwards is not only inconvenient, but down right uncomfortable here.  Hair freezes very fast with 40 below temperatures. My Swim Cap is wonderful!  It keeps my long, thick hair dry so I don't turn into a popsicle on the way home. Some added bonuses about My Swim Cap are that it is latex free and so comfortable. Thank you for such a wonderful product!  Brenda W., North Pole Alaska

I bought your Unisex Plus swim cap and love it! Thank you. I had given up on wearing a cap when I lap swim because others were always too small and would pop off taking my goggles off too. [Also], MySwimCap helps hold my head in better position as my neck isn't trailing my thick lop of long hair thru the water. Thank you.  Susan S., Davis, CA

You guys are the best! Great products and amazing service!  Daphne D., Pasadena, TX

Must have. Keeps hair dry. My daughter has very thick hair and she won't wear any other swim cap now, not even for swim meets. Great buy!!!! Jess C.

Finally a swim cap that actually works. Kashonda D.

The most comfortable swim cap I’ve ever had! Amazon Verified Purchaser

Best swim cap I have ever had…my hair has been completely dry after swimming. Jennifer R.

This is the best swim cap I have ever worn. This one is comfortable, has a great fit and the best feature is my hair stayed dry. Excellent quality and well made. I plan on reordering. Best so far on the market. Highly recommend. Lorraine, Boston, MA

No problem for HUGE curly hair. This is the only swim cap that has ever fit my daughter's huge curly long thick hair. It also kept it dry as a bone! HIGHLY recommend it especially for very big hair. Eric B., Upper Marlboro, MD

Got this swim cap for my daughter who has extremely thick hair which is in dreadlocks. She is on a swim team so she is in the pool a lot. This is the only cap that keeps her hair dry and fits over all of her hair and stays on when she dives in the pool. The velcro strap is also helpful for keeping the cap on her head. Billy J., Greenwood, LA

I now own three!!!! This cap has allowed me to save my thin fine dry highlighted shoulder-length blond hair…All my life I have been searching for a cap this good.  Amazon Verified Purchaser

My daughter loves it. My daughter has hair down to her waist and it keeps it dry and easy to put on and take off. Hair stays dry and never gets wet. Maria P.

I purchased this for my daughter who needs a larger swim cap to cover her braids up. This cap fits great and keep her hair from getting wet. It is a great purchase for African American girls who wear kinky twist, extensions etc. Amazon Verified Purchaser

This is an amazing product! Danelle M.

Wonderful for long hair. I have waist-length, thick, curly hair. Silicone caps were driving me crazy. I tried many different kinds, some for long hair. They always slid off, so I'd have to stop every 5 minutes to adjust. Plus I want to keep my hair as dry as possible. I LOVE this cap (size: Diva). I wear it for water aerobics and swimming, and it fits comfortably without moving. Once it's on (and it's easier to get on than the silicone variety), I don't have to adjust it at all…This cap is so much better than the silicone caps for me. I'll definitely get another when it's time. Amazon Verified Customer

Kept my natural hair dry and soft. Love it. Amazon Verified Customer

I suffered hair damage from the chorine and had to cut a good bit of my hair. I refused to damage more of my hair, but I love my water aerobics class. I could not be happier with my class and dry hair, thanks to My Swim Cap. Veronica K.