Retailers and Referral Partners

Referral Partner Registration

By registering as a Referral Partner, you are entitled to receive coupons with a unique Discount Code. For each person that orders My Swim Cap on our website using your Discount Code, you receive a referral fee. The Discount Code is transferable and re-usable. Your clients, their friends, their families, there is no limit to the amount of times the Discount Code can be use and, therefore, no limit to the commissions you can earn! No cost, no inventory, no risk…just commissions!

Retailer Registration

By registering as a retail distributor, you are entitled to purchase My Swim Cap at a discounted rate. You will need to submit the information requested below. Once we have received and reviewed this form, we will reply via email and request your Tax-Exempt Purchasing Certificate. You will then be emailed an invitation to register an account and can follow the Retailer Bulk Ordering Instructions below to place your order(s).

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Retailer bulk ordering instructions

You can order via email and fax. 10paks, 20paks and 50paks ordered via facsimile or email can be split into different colors, but not different sizes. If you want to order via email or fax, please complete our Purchase Order Form and Credit Card Authorization Form. The completed forms should be sent to us via email ( or facsimile ((408) 273-6879). Please note: Once you have submitted your initial Credit Card Authorization Form, you need not re-submit the Credit Card Authorization Form for future orders unless you’d like to use another credit card.